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Merry Christmas!

As the day draws to a close, it’s always nice to reflect on Christmas for the year. Been a crazy busy time this year, largely the reason I haven’t posted much here for a while. (Though I will do my classic cheat and run with a little back-fill posting to fill in some gaps).

We moved out of our Sydney house a week ago, as we were forced to do by landlord eviction, and have put all our possessions in storage. Spent the last week at Sallie’s parents’, on the family farm near Coonabarabran. Nearly finalised a new place to live there (at least for everyone else — what I do is going to be more complicated).

So we enjoyed Christmas Day out here today with close family, including  many small children now. Will, Alex and Lachlan had excellent days in their own ways, with the usual ups and downs. It’s been an odd time for them, so they’re really craving security and familiarity.

Anyway, lots of nice food, lots of nice presents (my highlight was Wii Cricket, though there’s more coming for me :)) and a good day with good weather. Will is obsessed with his new Pixar Encyclopedia, Alex loves his cars and trucks, and Lachie is just taking everything in.

Hopefully we’re heading to Nelson Bay on Sunday — I say hopefully because there’s a lot of ominous flood warnings coming around. It’s hard to no how accurate they will be but it seems fairly certain. We shall wait and see.

Merry Christmas to all! Will be having a picture post fest to end out the year!

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