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Hitting the road

Turns out we didn’t actually get out of Sydney until 3pm! A ute to return in the morning, the hotel to pack up and two cars to pack, then a visit to the hospital, just to see/farewell/wish a merry Christmas to many of our long term family doctors, though we’re seeing a lot of them in the future regularly enough anyway (every few months most likely). We ended up with two amazingly well stocked Christmas hampers: lots of food, biscuits, cake, Christmasy stuff, as welll as some toys, and little gifts like a drink cooler and a mini book light (something I’ve always liked the idea of owning!)

We stuffed all that in the car (barely!) and headed out, but not before a brief lunch at the old Wentworthville Woolworths shops — like a greatest hits tour of places we used to live. Three moves in three years is just too much, especially with only one of them being voluntary.

It’s a longish drive, but seems easy to handle now. Stopped briefly at Lithgow for a coffee, then at Mudgee for dinner at Maccas. The last part of the trip was in the dark, but it’s so quiet by then that we barely see any traffic.

Got to Coona, then the farm, at 11pm, just enough to unpack a little and then sleep.

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