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Happy New Year!

So it’s 2010 now, and it seems like a good year so far. There was some brief sunshine today even, just for a change.

Nearly done with our week in Nelson Bay, unfortunately. And not much to show for it, except for a week of shopping trips. There has literally been not a lick of sunshine all week (until today), and a lot of rain, so there hasn’t been much else to do.

But it’s fun to be here… we watch what we want when we want it, play games, DVDs, read, whatever we like. Haven’t really had Net access (so a lot of blogs in advance with BlogDesk), but I think we can live with that, as it keeps the stress down!

With more rain we took a raincheck on any new years eve action, just watching some fireworks on TV, watching Cars with the kids earlier, and then Hot Fuzz later when the kids had gone to bed.

A quiet day today, though I did go to the movies with Will at lunch time and see The Princess and the Frog (see review next). There was some sunshine today for the first time this week, but it lasted barely a few hours unfortunately. Didn’t go to bed until real late, so nothing doing this morning, and enjoyed the movies, but by 5pm it was back to rain… ha ha.

Still, can’t complain about a break, now, can I? Seems so weird that I’m back to work next Tuesday…

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