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Was it something I ate?

Woke up very early this morning and was sick… repeatedly. No idea why, but it could definiately have been something I ate yesterday, though I don’t really know what (and it all seemed fine at the time).

Don’t like to dwell on the detail, but must have dragged myself out of bed four or five times before morning with it, and it just felt awful. So naturally, by morning I was in no condition to do anything.

So I stayed home from work and slept… for nearly the entire day, in fact. Got up for an hour mid afternoon, then went back to bed, before finally getting up at 8pm and watching a few things, eating a very light toast meal, then heading back to bed a few hours later. When you can still get back to sleep after that, it’s easy to tell you needed the day off.

At least tomorrow is an actual scheduled day off…

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