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Had really bad indigestion and/or heartburn overnight. Damn unpleasant, and I can still feel the lingering effects of it this morning, but everything really just gets amplified when its 2am and you’re tired as anything.

I made something for dinner last night, that while I knew it wasn’t great, I didn’t think it would be too bad, especially since I hadn’t had anything like it for months and wouldn’t have it again for months. Steak sandwich with chips (fried) — not exactly healthy I know, but not too bad if in serious moderation.

Apparently not.

It wasn’t painful of course… it was just odd and unpleasant. Couldn’t sleep for about an hour and was eventually a bit sick, but when I got back to sleep I stayed asleep. A bit worn out this morning, but basically okay.

Now I know exactly what not to eat again, that’s for sure.

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