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The clean man

I seemed to spend most of today cleaning the house. I don’t really mind that at all … as long as it isn’t too repetitive, it’s a nice feeling, to get your “mansion” clean and liveable. The kid’s room got a final makeover and cleanup, though there’s short odds on that lasting long. The loungeroom is looking good, so good  that we were able to put up the Christmas tree tonight. That sits in a perfect place in the corner of the room. Better than the setup last year, that’s for sure.

Had the usual Daily Show marathon of last week’s shows tonight. Seemed on a definite upswing from just after the election. It’s like they wondered for a week or two what they’d do wth Obama, until they realised it doesn’t always have to be about the President. Just cause Bush gave them so much material doesn’t mean that Obama is the only place to get material going from now. And you can’t escape the feeling that the disaster economy is also going to give them lots of material… it’s like the worse things are, the more there is to laugh about.

I realised, and I hope the Daily Show staff have, that they’ve had it way too easy with Bush these past eight years. Comedy has been literally handed to them, week after week. I think it will be good for them to have to look with more imagination at what’s in the news, rather than have Bush just bring it all for them. And that’s something they’re joking about now, and will until Obama takes office. It’s a whole new world for The Daily Show, but I think they can handle it.

Only interrupted that marathon to watch Californication. It’s fanciful in some ways, and really romantically sweet in others. I admit I enjoy it largely because of its “ode to writing” aspects, but it’s romantic as well, and when you figure you’ve found the right person yourself, a similar story appeals. Plus, it’s got a lot of hot naked women, and it’s damn funny too 🙂 And isn’t Natascha McElhone just perfect in it?

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