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Weekend matters

I’ve noticed at the moment that most of my posts  during the week are link posts, which is fair enough, because barring a major event, other than the fun few hours at home with the kids at night, all the action is on the weekends anyway, and week days you’ll find the most interesting stuff is what I’ve been reading online. So I don’t just post links (through delicious) anyway, but I give them real explanations and context. It’s always been about posting for my own records as well, but I hope that people out there find them useful as well (which is apparently true, as I noticed about my Cafepress link post last week.)

But weekends are where all the fun is of course. It’s counting down to Christmas now, which you can hardly miss, especially  with young kids. I don’t think we’re taking Will shopping again until after Christmas, because he’s driving us too nuts in the process! When he finally has Pixar Shorts in his hands, I don’t know what he’ll obsess about…

Did a little shopping again, and just to be different, we went up to Rouse Hill, which is only about a 15 minute drive away. But it wasn’t what I expected at all. It’s basically a whole new community that was opened early this year and built in only about 18 months. The surprises started in the parking, which was full of high tech sensors telling you where empty spots were and the parking vacancy rate. Never seen that before.

When we got in there, I really just expected another shopping centre, and it ended up being nothing of the sort. It was largely one level, with open plazas, tonnes of natural light, and lots of space. It was more like a town village centre than a shopping centre. And while it did have all the usual things, it was a pretty nice shopping area to visit. It’s not too far from home, so while Westpoint just up the street and best for the routine stuff, this Rouse Hill centre isn’t bad at all.

As for everything else, the writing is going pretty well on a day to day basis, not so much on the weekend but I’m happy to take what I can, if it’s regular. Hopefully I will have it done at the 50,000 mark by Christmas. If by new year I can say “I’ve done a full novel draft”, that will be amazing. A whole novel first draft in two months? Before this I couldn’t even do that in two years, seemingly.

Two months? That’s what I call victory.

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