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On not failing NanoWriMo

I see that the month of November is over, and that I have not reached 50000 words for NanoWriMo. And I don’t care.

I only reached 26000 words in fact, but that is still more words in one month than I’ve written (fiction at least) in about the last five years.

So this is a victory. It’s really got me started again. Sure, I’ve had some issues later in the month, and some isues with the story I chose (but there’s plenty more where that came from), but to write 26000 words in four weeks (and almost none of it on weekends) is really quite magnificent.

And the key is that I won’t stop there. I’ll be straight back into it tomorrow. I have to decide whether to continue with the current project, or go somewhere else.  Or go back to the old 2nd novel of old again. I can’t jump projects too often, but I can’t get mired in one project too long either.

But this is the start I’ve been looking for. And already it’s good, even if it wasn’t 50000. In many ways, this is better than just that competition

My writing has begun again.

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