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Easy Days

Just a real relaxation day today. Went into Coona to see the Sunday markets. Somehow I take a little money out intending it to last until we go home, but instead spend most of it this morning. It was on presents for everyone else of course, and various food. Spent some time in the park with the kids until Will got worried about the giant geese there, which I could see his point, but as usual he was a bit over the top about it. But he did enjoy the slide immensely while we were there.

And damn, it was cold today — crazy cold, like Winter again. Even snowed in many parts of the state. Ridiculous stuff for late November. Is this going to be another rubbish Summer, weather wise? Worse than last year even?

I haven’t written much this weekend… doubtful I’ll do 50,000 words by the end of the month. But I don’t care really — if it takes me 6 weeks to hit that number, that’s still brilliant, and it’s still such an extraordinarily larger total that I’ve managed in practicaly the last 6 years. This NanoWriMo thing is a triumph even if I can’t fit the total… if it gets my work practices going again and making me productive, I win anyway (not to mention the eeePC helping that too.)

Not even sure if the story I’m on is working right, but again that doesn’t matter. Instead of spending 8 months jus thinking about it (which I spent half this year doing), I spend 4-6 weeks writing, then see if it works right there, and get the writing practice regardless of whether it works or not. If it works, great, if not, I just move on to a different project.  won’t write it off yet, as I know it needs a tonne of editing after this first draft anyway.

It’s such a good process to actually be making this work (as in just producing pages, regardless of final product), so that counts for almost everything right now.

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