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It’s Christmas Day, in a way

We’re having Christmas early this year, or at least Christmas 1. That’s why we’re here, and it was quite the thing to have a big Christmas lunch with family, and present giving with five little kids.

Will got a cool Cars laptop thing that I would have got him next month otherwise — he’s playing with similar things as kindy. Alex got some more toys. I bought a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver for cousin Millie — she’s just older than Will but she’s a big Doctor Who fan. The glee with which she’s taken to it would just amaze old Who fans.

And by arrangement, Sallie and I finally managed to get ourselves Wii Fit, which should open up a whole new thing for us. Good stuff.

Lots and lots of food today, especially Christmas pudding, and oddly enough, lots of really cold weather. Strange, wintery wind, and a cold night. For late November. Very odd.

Then I go and finish the night by watching Full Metal Jacket on SBS. Creepy and harsh stuff, but you know it’s good.

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