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Kids everywhere

Pretty quiet day again today. We didn’t leave the main farm area, but instead we spent a large part of the day over at Tom and Kylie’s place, where Will and Alex played with Millie and Emma for a while, I played a little Wii gaming (first time in a little while), and we just enjoyed ourselves.

Will’s getting right into Lazytown, which is another one for the Christmas list, and they’re both really enjoying so much hanging out with their cousins. It’s not just fun for them, it’s beneficial as well, and you can’t deny that. It makes the holidays even more worth it really. And being up here is relaxing, even though conventional wisdom might tell you that hanging out with your in-laws shouldn’t be. It is relaxing up here, and I’m glad of that.

And the possibility of moving out somewhere like this soon enough does seem closer, at least when you’re experiencing it directly.

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