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We’re going on a little holiday

Day off work today, and we’re heading away for nearly a week. Off to Sallie’s parent’s place in the country, for an extended family get together, basically for an early Christmas gathering.

So that’s a day driving, three days of relaxing fun, then another day’s driving. Not too bad really. The driving isn’t even too bad, with basically three hours to Mudgee, then two hours break for lunch and shops, then three more hours to the farm. Will had a really good time at the MccDonald’s play area, so much so that he hardly wanted to eat. Which might actually be a good thing, but we really had to eat something, and during road trips is one of the few occasions we happily tolerate Maccas for the kids.

But the play area was so good for Will. It’s a narrow but very tall maze thing, where you climb and explore and slide down and start again. At first Will wanted me to help him climb up the start, but after a while it was so good to see him get it himself… then do it again and again… and not want to come back 🙂

We we got to sallie’s parents, Will cousins are there. Millie and Emma are similar ages, but they only see each other twice a year at best. So as soon as will, and Alex too, arrived, they were tearing around, excited and crazy. Alex attacked every sliding door in the house, while will was keen to make as much noise as possible.

But on the good side, Will is immediately eating better, and Alex seems to want to communicate more. These family get togethers always exposes them both to other kids and family, and that’s always a good thing. They pick up more, and just get to do a lot more with their cousins that they otherwise don’t get to see too often. Good stuff.

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