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Angry Republicans on the loose

It appears at the moment that the Internet is awash with hordes of angry Republicans, desperately commenting and baiting and ranting on every blog comment thread on every conceivable site they can find. Whether US sites, British, Australian, whatever, no site is immune, especially mainstream news sites.

The hatred and bile from them is extraordinary … and they haven’t even lost yet. Imagine what they’ll be like when they do lose (and yes, the usual caveats still apply, it’s 10 days out, they still might not lose yet and so on).

Once again, it’s ok if you’re a Republican. The amount of whinging out there about angry Democrats and “Bush haters” in the last eight years was really not backed up in reality — sure there were angry Democrats, but they waited until they’d lost for one — and I don’t remember any serious death threats or outbursts from Dems against Bush (certainly not serious enough to warrant investigations at least.)

But angry Republicans have started already, despite the fact they haven’t lost it yet. Just got an eyeful of it on The Guardian site, the sort of media outlet that always gets it a bit worse because they’re perceivably left-leaning anyway.

But hey, as long as it stays online, who cares. If it stays virtual, we can just sit back and enjoy the show and laugh loudly at them…

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