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A funny thing

A funny thing is watching Alex dance and slide across the wood floor, deciding he has to avoid the vacuum cleaner at all cost when I’m cleaning the room. He was laughing the whole time, and knew it was funny too.

A funny thing is watching Will partially imitate the Haka before the League test (Australia won easily, naturally). He really only clapped and waved his arms around, but I like that he found it interesting.

A funny thing is how Will’s really taken to singing Wiggles songs all the time now. I mean, it’s adorable, but it’s funny too. And he seems to be interested in playing cricket, which is not unexpected, and should mean much fun too…

A funny thing is that I cleaned up heaps of the house today, unpacked most everything in the main rooms, and generally made large parts of the house quite clean, which is odd, and funny, given it’s only been a couple of weeks since we moved in (last house it took months). But I like this place more, I think.

Nice day, hope to see more.

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