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And that was the week…

It feels odd that I haven’t done a full 40-hour week for a long time, it seems. Certainly not more than a few in the last two months, with all the illness, kids in hospital and now moving insanity. Had 1.5 days off this week, for kid’s doctors and house hunting, but with house hunting fixed, now there’s only moving to take into account. And that’s a trial in itself of course.

Edged out the week with another reasonable work day, another work lunch, and enough work to feel like I did something without being overdone. At least the idiot factor was nowhere to be seen today, but they can return at any time.

Watching overseas economic news with interest and bemusement… trying to work out if we’re seeing the final deaththroes of the American Republic, or it’s just Bush choking to death. It’s a total mess, but recoverable, you’d think.

A weekend of house packing, cleaning and early moving I think. And I don’t even need to think about work for Monday, since we’re signing the lease then.

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