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The family role model

Went out for a drive around Blacktown yesterday, checking out our new area and the different facilities and things around the place. Seems we’re fairly well positioned for the most part; lots of services in both directions of home. And it’s a nice quiet street as well.

I did however, manage to get thoroughly lost at one point, by making a series of total wrong turns, and I blew my temper about it. Quite innappropriately, I admit it, but then Will saved the day.

Yes, Will. We’re busy arguing withh each other, and Will started off with “Calm down!” Not in a forceful way, just in his adorable 4-year-old way. Then he continued: “take a deep breath”. So cute, yet greaceful under pressure. I know they’re things we’ve taught him to do when he’s upset, but the fact that he can have the presence to say it to us when we’re arguing, and be so cute about it that he can’t help but calm us all down immediately, is just so good.

I gave him a hug after that. It’s good to put things in perspective. The rest of the day was great (and I bought him a new Cars toy after that!)

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