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The geekiest thing I’ve seen in ages — but funny!

With the Large Hadron Collider opening up at CERN in Switzerland this week, and the attendant media idiocy over whether this will mean “the end of the world” (or just their juvenile need to play-up that joke), it’s instead really refreshing to see this kind of “PR”. A science writer who works at the centre, Kate “AlpineKat” McAlpine, created this nerdcore rap and video about the project, that is one of the geekiest things I’ve seen in ages, yet is clever, funny and actually even informative.

I mean, it reminds me of Northern State a bit, which is pretty cool, combined with the whole “nerdcore” thing going around. She’s even provided a page with the lyrics and links to an mp3 and individual tracks for remix purposes. AlpineKat should be happy with this one — it’s quite a unique piece of science writing 🙂

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