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Not keeping up

There’s a lot of things I could be writing about here now. The ridiculous spectacle of the Republican convention for one, or the even more ridiculous way the media is reacting to their VP candidate. But it just doesn’t seem worth the time, especially giving them my space, and time.

Will came home today, which is a wonderful thing, though by the time I got home, he was already asleep. Then he was up later and very upset about the new situation he has to endure, with bags over his tummy hole and the like. So far it looks like he’s spent a week in the hospital for a worse situation than he had before. But it might improve.

And we get the results back from Alex’s developmental assessment, and find out he might have some kind of “developmental disability”, whatever that means. For a kid not even two yet, they really can’t tell either, I imagine. And I don’t even know what to say about it now.
I mean, we’re surviving, and coping, and all that. But sometimes it’s just a lot to process, and the amount of time I have to spend on really pointless other crap is really starting to get to me.

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