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Finding Flo and other nice behaviour

Had a real family weekend this time (no surprises there), with the only real outing being yesterday, when we went into Parramatta to see their new/old Farmer’s Markets. As usual for us we didn’t make it until after noon, which left them kind of quiet, but still some good stuff. Had a good restaurant lunch (not that common for us anymore), then most importantly went Cars toy hunting again for Will.

And we found Flo … this is a big thing for us 🙂 We must have nearly 20 little die-cast Cars toys now (Pixar rules in this family) … they’ve just been so easy to pick up here and there over time. But we’d had so much trouble finding Flo:

Finally found Flo

But suddenly we picked up Flo in a pack with Lightning McQueen (who’s gone missing before), and Ramone (which we have in a different colour), so now it’s all good. And Will is constantly “thank you very much!”, one of his favourite phrases, which is just so cute, though no longer “Buy Flo!” anymore.

And sometimes I don’t know what we did to get such a polite little guy. He’s been on antibiotics for a week now, but he’s suddenly so good about it … tonight he came in and asked me for the medicine from the fridge, then asked my for a syringe, then asked me to put it away. And he took it from Sallie so well. Of course, he’s still irrational regularly as all four year olds are, mostly due to being tired, grumpy or both, and he’s moody for no real reasons occasionally, but so often he is just so well behaved, so polite and so friendly.

Yes, I’m beaming with pride through this blog now 🙂

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