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Woeful week

Well I suppose it wasn’t that bad, but it was woeful enough. Went back to work, still didn’t feel right, as the week went on it only got worse.

Eventually gave up and was able to go home at Thursday lunchtime — lost the rest of that day but then worked from home on Friday. Apparently I can do that all next week, which is helpful, and hopefully will get me somewhere, though I’m acutely getting the idea that I need some better computer hardware to work more often. It’s just so slow…

Health-wise am kind of feeling better, but at the same time, it just c hanges. It went from classic flue, to sinus issues, to now a clear chest cold. Where to next I wonder…?

Not blogging much otherwise, thank goodness for link farming…

Aiming for a few things, but not getting far in either of them. Time for a stocktake I think…

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