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The weekend… really?

When your weekdays look a lot like your weekends, it’s hard to do a lot really. And I’ve been going out of my way to not do anything in the state I’m in.

It was nice today, for a few hours in the middle at least, and we take advantage of that in the Turner household. Lunch outside, let the kids play for a while… Alex likes to wander especially, see what kind of mischief he can get into. The yard’s nice when we can use it, which is usually for an hour or two, even in Winter. We pull the outdoor chairs into the sun and just enjoy the day.

Tried Sallie’s lemonade, which actually seemed rather good (not a surprise, except the first time we tried lemonade it wasn’t so good). I had ginger beer, which was still good.

Nice times. It’s a good way to do something without actually leaving the property 🙂

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