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Working from home is … great

Well, it should be, anyway. Though still kind of sick — coughing awful anyway — I did get through some work. But naturally, nothing technical works how I’d really like it to. After all, the Windows PC is a joke, my Ubuntu laptop, while a lovely surprise, is now physically falling apart, slowing right down, and in desperate need of a full OSand browser upgrade. Not bad really considering I’ve got two years more use out of a machine that was heading for the recycler, but it’s near the end of its days now.

As much as I like working from home, I really need some more equipment. And even then, naturally the VPN wouldn’t work to the office, so I can’t access the network server. I mean, the VPN was fine, but nothing would map no matter what I tried. I think I’d like to get an eeePC 1000 now, no matter what I do professionally, but we’ll have to see.

Anyway, I got the newsletter done for work today, and not much else really beyond email — only need Net access for most of it, not the network. So it wasn’t a total loss, but with everyone else here sick too it was a hard one. Know I can do the setup a lot better, will have to see what I can do later.

Caught up on last week’s Dexter, the show I knew was brilliant a year and a half ago, but didn’t start watching until it got on free TV here (no point explaining how that happened), and watched some of Hot Fuzz on DVD again.

Hopefully better enough to do more on the weekend, and hope to hell the weather gets a little better if I have to brave the early morning trains next week…

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