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Sick again, or was I?

Well really, damn right I was sick again, and the weather certainly isn’t helping. Cold, raining, miserable. And my couh seems as bad as ever, even as I continue with the medication.

There was a small interlude today, which I won’t even go into, that was quite trying at times. Led to a few arguments between Sallie and I (yes, it does happen), and it showed just what a wonderful little guy Will is.

We’d argue, get quite loud. Then Will would say “Calm down! Calm down! Shhh!” I think e learnt this from trying to calm his brother’s crying, and also from what we say to him when he’s upset, but to hear a 4-year-old being so nice and helpful and conciliatory is enough to make any parent pull their head in.

The joys of parenting 🙂

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