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Well that’s a way to be out of it

Went to work today, but possibly shouldn’t havve. I mean, I was ok enough, but I seemed to be coughing more by the end, and generally feel out of it enoug to wonder why I bothered. Then of course, I didn’t feel like doing anything but lay back on the lounge all night, freaking out every time I went into a room that wasn’t automatically air conditioned.

Wasn’t that bad really, just recovering I guess. Will likely go to the doctors in the morning, but don’t expect any great issues. Doesn’t matter, typical winter really… and this is nothing compared to how Alex appears to be…
It’s amazing how interest you can make the Tour de France seem when you’re procrastinating about going to bed (but the scenery is good, honest!)

That is all, for today at least 🙂

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