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Day turns into wipeout

Nice quiet day today… of a sorts. Started late of course, but then tried to get a lot of jobs done before 4pm, including all the usual shopping.

Wests played Souths this afternoon, and miracle of miracles, they actually scored quite an impressive victory. Farah and Marshall starred, and if they can keep this up, they’re a good chance of getting into the lower half of the top eight. Better than the alternative of course!
Then the day took a dive… between 6 and 8pm I gradually started to feel a little off… then by 8.30pm it was full-blown awful — tired, headache, eveything but an upset stomach. Cold, shivering. Ended up crashing for the night, no thought of anything else.

Sallie did take this pic of me with an equally tired (but hopefully not sick Alex) that looked far, far cuter than I felt:

Dad and Alex -- tired out
Dad and Alex -- tired out

Well, that was it for Sunday, highly unlikely I’ll be going to work tomorrow (and hooray for WordPress backdating of posts…)

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