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Big Hold Steady day and night

After Wednesday’s disappointment of discovering emusic was denying me “Stay Positive”, I’ve had the sudden unexpected joy of finding the CD (with three extra tracks!) at JB Hi Fi already! Picked that up today, along with the Cars soundtrack for Will — he’s become such a little singer recently 🙂

Then suddenly while watching the opening of Letterman tonight, I discover that The Hold Steady are musical guests … gold!

Then even better, I discover they’ve done a short comedy video that runs early in the show, really shows off the band, shows off some crazy fans, and plugs the hell out of them … double gold!

Now I really need to fix my mp3 player situation … even if it only has room for one album (or 4 or 5 of course!)


  1. tony d
    tony d July 18, 2008

    Fantastic – another Hold Steady fan in Australia! I am a recently arrived Brit in Adelaide (I just got marrried to an Aussie!) and my mate Andy in the UK got me into the steady. I am now convinced that they are the best band in the world. But when are they coming to Oz??

    Now here’s a story for you… last week they played in Leeds, England, and after the show my mate Andy got talking to their road crew and that led to all of the band coming out with Andy to our favourite bar, Mojos. The last thing he remembers is doing tequila shots with Tad and the boys, before waking up at home on the floor. Then he was late for his job as a high school teacher and he had to pretend that he’d been ill, whilst knowing that he’d had the most rock n’ roll night of his life. I can’t help being a bit jealous!

    Anyway, keep holding it steady and let me know if you hear of them coming over here, I’ll fly to Sydney if I need to!

    Cheers dude.

  2. Steve
    Steve July 20, 2008

    Thanks for the story Tony! I’ve heard the band are great guys, maybe something like this can happen in Australia as well 🙂

    No news on them coming to Australia yet, they were nearly here this time last year but had to cancel due to scheduling problems. The only time they’ve been here was in early 2006 when they played a couple of small festivals, but this was just when anyone here was starting to hear of them … and the festivals were sold out early anyway (and they didn’t play any solo shows that I noticed).

    Hopefully they’re going to be back here soon … maybe over Summer on the festival circuit.

    Thanks again for the great story! Hope you like the new album!

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