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Alex’s first haircut — the before shot

Alex is having his first ever haircut tomorrow — a milestone of sorts to be sure. Here’s his messy before shot:
Alexander -- before the haircut

Sallie took this one yesterday, and it also shows everyone that Alex is eating by himself now, something he only picked up in the last couple of weeks, but is doing well already šŸ™‚

Yes … beaming Dad mode in full session.

And I think this is the first pic I’ve seen of Alex where he doesn’t look like a baby anymore either — his first toddler pic even.

Tomorrow, haircut, with his cousin Amy, who runs her own salon in Richmond. We took Will there a couple of months ago and he was so good. Any other hair place was a nightmare, but with Amy (someone he knows and trusts), it was great. Should be the same with Alex.

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