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Am quite tired right now … it’s that usual thing about getting to the last weeknight and really starting to feel it. It’s quite usual for Thursday nigt but it doesn’t last.

Picked up some new books today. Finally got myself one of Scott Westerfeld’s YA books — been curious as to how they read, and also just curious to research the area, if I really think I can write them, I have to read a few. “So Yesterday” is one of his few totally standalone ones, about a “coolhunter” in New York. Should be good, and admittedly, an easy and likely quick read.

Also picked up a book in a category that surprises me slightly … “The 4-hour Work Week”, by Tim Ferriss, is more useful and compelling that it sounds. It took a little while to convince myself to read it, but finally figured “what the hell?” and thought I’d give it a go.

It does have more variety than it sounds, and so far is good advice. It’s about working differently, I guess … working in a different way to achieve the real lifestyle you want. Not specifically working for yourself, or “working better”, but working completely differently. I’ve always been slight skeptical about this category of book, but the intro addresses that skepticism (which is smart), and I figured it was just time to give it a go anyway. It has to be that much of a life-changer, I hope. That important.

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