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So many downloads … I mean shows

Watched 30 Rock for the first time in weeks tonight. Damn it’s funny. Funnier than most supposed sitcoms in primetime. Naturally, Seven puts it on at 11.30pm, a time I just haven’t been watching for. Of course, since I downloaded the first season ages ago, I should know this by now, but haven’t been able to keep up with it.

Dexter started last nigt, and it’s very good. It’s dark, odd and creepy, but still good. Of course, I downloaded season one last year, but haven’t had any chance to look at it. Now it’s on Ten, but for who knows how long … all this I already knew 🙂

Rambling again … have gone through a big phase where I downloaded heaps of shows, and in the last two months suddenly haven’t downloaded any, or watched any. We put the PC back in an office, rather than the loungeroom, but instead of watching downloads, there’s always something on normal TV anyway.

And yes, I know all about the inanities of network TV, of ads and screwy schedules. What can I say … I do it for family, not for the schedule. I really do want to set up a new PC system in there, MythTV or something … PVR as well as downloads. And there’s always more to watch of course…

But then I think about creating versus consuming … and know what I really should be doing. I have no intention of watching nothing, but there’s other things that need my attention.

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