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Happily easily pleased

Will is really taken with Cars at the moment — the most recent Pixar movie we own. He particularly likes the very end credits, where the injokes go as far as having Car versions of all the Pixar movies, with many jokes about voices and so on. It’s funny stuff, and I like that he gets the joke as well — Pixar movies have a lot of these injokes, and it shows a lot that a four-year-old gets them well.

He got some model cars from the movie a couple of weeks ago — car versions of Buzz, Woody, Sully, Mike and Hamm (that’s from Toy Story and Monsters Inc), and he’s really wanted a Bugs Life car, even though they don’t seem to exist.

So when we were out today, we went looking for a Bugs Life Car -> ie: any VW Bug model we could find. And we couldn’t even get that … so instead, we ended up buying a set of cars from Cars, Radiator Springs characters Sheriff, Sallie, Lizzie, Doc and Mater. And man, is Will happy 🙂 Only $20 for a set, which is an easy buy.

The cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time is when we got home, he introduced the new cars to the ones he already had. He lines them up and then it’s “Hello! Hello!” for each of them. I’m proud he has such a good imagination 🙂

The only thing is watching him get frustrated trying to carry 10 little cars around all at once. He had enough trouble with me packing away most of them when we were out (don’t want him to lose them), but now he wants to carry them all at once. And we spend a lot of time looking for them at times too — and no doubt we’ll get a few more in coming weeks.

But any bad is definitely outweighed by the good, as always 🙂

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