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Sundays …

For some reason we didn’t go to bed until 3am this morning … Sallie’s been on a real productivity bender with her new Pressure Canner, though I have a feeling it’s not quite as easy as she’d hoped it would be. Maybe it’s just first time issues, I think. I could have gone to bed, but I stayed up, watched a pretty cool movie on SBS, then hung out with the missus and we talked and stuff while the canner did it’s work 🙂

So naturally, we didn’t get up until mid morning, with Will unimpressed with that — although it goes from “wake up!” to “Mummy, you’re awake!” in a very cute way. We took te kids to a free show today — some magicians, acrobats and comedians for kids at the local RSL. Slight, but amusing, obviously more for kids than us, but it was fun. Firstly, Alex was into it while Will hated it, then Alex fell asleep and Will liked it, then I had to keep Will in the one place while he tried to wander.

The weather’s getting worse again, but we’re getting the inside really warm now, which helps. And with a gas heater I don’t think our bills will be that bad.

Watched CSI for an hour just to see Adam and Jamie from MythBusters cameo for 10 seconds — it was funny, but I did see their whole bit on the ad. And Flight of the Conchords continues to be very funny, even though it’s at 11pm now.

Late … too late, but it’s always about wringing as much as possible out of the weekend 🙂

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