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Just a quick one

Already it’s too late, and I’ve had that weird sinking feeling you get at the end of a long weekend, knowing that you’ve back at work the next day after a longer than usual gap (after that wonderful feeling last night, of course).

Trying to make some moves, maybe some big ones, while at the same time trying to at least make myself feel better with the current deal. No point in hating where you’re currently at, even if you’d rather be somewhere else, of course.

Found a new competition that closes in a couple of weeks — Penguin Crime Fiction — and will be dusting off the old one and sprucing it up for entry. Have been meaning to do that anyway, but this is a good excuse. Can’t write a new one in a few weeks of course, so I’m guess I’m luckier than most, pewho will never finish one, let alone more than one.

Quick one, like I said … listening to “Sequestered in Memphis” by The Hold Steady, through their MySpace page. There, that’s finished, and that’s it for now …

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