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Surprise gifts

A few days ago I got an email from a company I’d spoken to a CeBIT the week earlier. I’d gone to the CeBIT show for a few hours to look at new stuff and recommend things to my current employers (I’ve gone to it the previous two years as well for previous jobs). It’s the sort of thing you can go to now to get something out of for any job — computers are that common of course.

Anyway, this email informed me that somehow I’d won a prize. A speaker company there had awarded me an Edifier S550 multimedia speaker system in their daily prize. Impressive, to say the least, as I’d been to stuff like this a few times at CNET for two years, and not won a thing (while watching colleagues win stuff repeatedly).

And it’s already arrived, with the courier fortunately popping in while Sallie was unexpectedly home this morning. And damn, it’s big. It’s got the biggest sub woofer I’ve ever seen in person, and nice looking main and satellite speakers that suit the room well.

Technically it’s a high-end computer speaker system, so it only has one input, but it’s still outstanding quality (worth about $700), and can be worked into our system. Also helps that the old one was on te way out completely. Might be a good excuse to buy a new receiver later on (good Pioneer ones are surprisingly cheap now), but it’s worth it as it is.

This was a nice one. An unexpected and surprising professional gift at a time when I’m not feeling the best about professional prospects full stop.

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