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New look and different stomping grounds

Changing the look of the blog at the moment. Experimenting with a few themes to see what I can do — want to make it a little more varied, with a little more scope for plugins and things that WordPress can do …

Spent most of today out for a family farewell — wife’s cousin, but they’re my family too now of course 🙂

Went to The Oaks Hotel at Neutral Bay, not at all my usual stomping ground, but a nice pub anyway. Good atmosphere, big space. Coincided with the Super 14 Rugby final that NSW Waratahs were playing in, which meant a big crowd by 5pm. Waratahs lost, but they had a huge task that they almost pulled off.

And that “lower north shore” hotel was probably the perfect location to watch the game. It wasn’t on network TV, so everyone went to pubs to watch it, and Neutral Bay is real top Rugby territory. Doubt the atmosphere would have been the same anywhere else.

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