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Laughter and responsibility

Good day today … only worked in the morning, and from home at that. Not that I could get much done in the morning, which is fairly typical of course, so at least I didn’t have to do it further away.

Whole family went over to the kid’s hospital at Westmead — we had a nice lunch then took Will to see the surgeon first, then his physical therapist. The latter was much more fun, since it pretty much consists of just playing with many toys, encouraging him to do a few things, and they trying some new stuff with various toys.

He was fairly tired by the end, but I love this stuff. I want to work less and do more of it, at least as much as I can. It feels important even when it’s tough.

Just some laid back fun tonight, including finally watching that Family Guy Stars Wars movie. Never really been hugely into Family Guy, but this thing was seriously funny, with so many clever Star Wars touches including authentic music and sound effects. Good jokes from all angles.

Back to the office tomorrow … but I’d rather have more laughter and responsibility right here at home.

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