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Playing games

Strange day today … half the office was missing so we had a real quiet one, then everyone left promptly at or before 5pm … and I got home by 6.30. Good as any day really, but it makes it so much easier!

Some good frank discussions with the mag editor at work, and she agrees with me on basically every problem there, which is a good thing. It’s a slight gamble, but I think now there’s very little chance of it not succeeding, so I’m feeling better about it. And quite frankly, even if they reject me because of it, I’m going to have enough skills to go wherever I like anyway.

Watched the City v Country game tonight — Brett Hodgson was the best player on the field and helped City go from a deficit to a lead, but it ended up a 22-all draw. Bunch of players in line for State of Origin for it. Kind of odd at times, but still a pretty good game.

Missed Will and Alex awake for basically the last two days, but they were both up tonight, which was good. Alex, as mischevious as ever, and Will, just so chatty and friendly. He ended up staying awake until 10.30pm, and we had some cute games with his Pixar puzzle book.

Truly am loving the parenting at these times šŸ™‚

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