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It’s only a game …

Spent far too long today trying to work on the work website thing … don’t even know why really, except that it’s a welcome and appealing challenge. I mean I know why I want to work on it … but they should damn well be letting me this new work into it during the week. Oh well, after next week they might.

Wests lost tonight, but it was miraculous I even got to see it. Extra TV game due to City/Country, Wests went down to Brisbane 34-22 but they were OK in defeat. Missing two stars (Marshall and Farah), and they were down 16-0 at half time, so it was a good effort in the 2nd half, with the usual guys playing excellently, but it just wasn’t enough on the night unfortunately. They’ll get a good write-up despite losing, and a couple of the guys might be closer to State of Origin now.

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