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Ready for anything

I realised today that I’m already doing so much more than I ever did at my own job with the new Penthouse gig — and it’s only been three days.

Spent this afternoon working on video editing, and it was kind of unsatisfying, but should be fixed tomorrow morning. Don’t know if I’m just unfamiliar or everything was left a mess, but I’m getting there. Same with the CMS they have? Not impressed with it, but hopefully that changes as I work on it more.

Signed up for 37 Signals Backpack utility tonight. It occurred to me today that I need a significant to-do list/work organiser tool today, and I’ve always been keen on their products, so I thought I finally might have enough reason to give one a try. Backpack of the solo plan looks like the most useful to me, and I’ll be keen to see how it goes. It’s free at first, and only US$7 a month after that, which is nothing if it improves my work.

Yes, work is pretty full-on to start with … think I’ll write more about other stuff on the weekend!

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