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Yes! Finally! Now working with WordPress

Almost buy accident, I have suddenly got this blog where it should be, working as it should be.

My blog is now officially moved from Blogger to WordPress, as I have wanted for several weeks. There will be some adjustments required still I’m sure, but it’s almost all good now.

Seem what both Blogger and WordPress neglect to tell you is that to import correctly, you need to have your blog on the blogspot server, not on your own server. If they’d only explained that somewhere obvious (and not buried in a help thread), this would have been so much easier.

Some adjustments left no doubt, and some things might be missing (if only I had the audience to notice all of them yet!) but it should be all good.

Of course, there’s really only one post I need to make sure is spotless and redirecting from the old blogger site, and that will be forthcoming 🙂

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