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Photo stop without the photo …

More fun in the sun today, with the weather coming good in the morning again, so we headed to Dutchies again. It was basically empty, and while it’s kind of constantly surprising even though we’re here completely out of holiday time, it’s still odd to see. After a while it became more clear why not even locals were out — it was very hot, but also quite windy, and the water was quite cold. Still fun though — I went for a walk down the sand and played with the kids on the beach again.

After another quiet afternoon (in which I finally watch “A Bugs Life” for the first time), I headed out for some exercise late in the afternoon. Walked to Shoal Bay on the walk/bike track, then wandered through the already closed for the day shops. Always gravitate towards the real estate windows now, but there’s never much detail there. Permanent rentals do intrigue me though.

Walked back along Shoal Bay beach, and — the highlight of the day. Half way up, I noticed no more than 10-15 metres offshore, a whole bunch of dolphins were frolicking together. At least half a dozen were there, maybe more, and they did everything you could imagine except jump in the air. They bounced around, swam closer to shore, bobbed up their fins and their heads. Generally put on a good show, even though only about five people saw them the whole time. Really wish I’d had an adequate camera, but my camera phone is crap and old and full up with images that I really can’t get off there anyway. Time for an upgrade I think, for this and so many other reasons.

Of course, sights like this is just another reason why I love the whole Nelson Bay district.

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