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Why I like holidays now …

This is why I like holidays now … getting away from work, from commuting, from not being with the family. Truthfully, the reverse can be a little tiring of course, but being able to spend all your time with your kids and not actually having to worry about anything else just distills the good bits of being a Dad out and lets you enjoy them, without having to do much else.

Will’s being such a chatty little guy now, which is so good to see. Eighteen months ago I was wondering when he’d start talking, now I can have real conversations with him. He’s saying more and being more expressive every day. Of course, this has its downsides, because he’s a real full-on toddler now, getting very whingey about little things often, and still very moody when it comes to eating.

It’s not really completely voluntary, since he’s had problems in this area since he was a baby, but it is an obvious choice as well, even though he can’t really help it. But it can get frustrating as well, for him and for us. For a few days he didn’t seem to want to eat anything, even his usual favourites, but after a couple of days with his cousins, he improved a little. It leaves us in a position where we’re happy for him to eat everything, even stuff that is usually “bad” in large amounts. We can’t have him eat nothing, so if he just eats biscuits, say, it’s better than nothing.

Alex is a really funny kid, with the goofiest grin and an already evident sense of humour. He can be naughty, but it seems innocent, and he can be trying, but it all seems normal. And he’s 90% completely walking now, which is just so funny and so wonderful to see. I love it when he knows how clever he is for his walking skills 🙂

But really, aside from a few things, they’re such good kids, who play well together, are learning what they should, and can even be really helpful.

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