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Holidays end … but just the beginning?

Had to head back to Sydney today … always sad to go, but there’s a few more days of break left to relax, and there’s a happy realisation that Nelson Bay isn’t that far away anyway.

We’re already aiming to coming back here late next month, with the appealing realisation that Anzac Day is on a Friday, making a helpful long weekend. And there’s other thoughts to get up there again more often, not the least of which is making sure we have more money first … want to get into that River’s Store 🙂

And there’s some other things that … might be there … would not want to say anything about it now, but I just want to look at it more. Certain realisations that things could change, very interestingly, and for the better.

Mostly unrelated to that, Will’s been in such a giddy mood this week, starting off not eating anything, then after hanging out with his cousins, he’s been eating a lot better. He’s obsessed with his Pixar cupcakes (anything that encourages him to eat is good), and is eating a dozen biscuits a session sometimes … while still not eating his proper meals much at all outside of breakfast. Not sure what to do, since the last thing we want to do is discourage his eating, but I guess we’ll hae to work on the fine details.

But Will has been so funny and giddy while we were away — demanding I make him “fly” (basically just lifting him oer the lounge, tumbling around, chasing me around the house, and also being very clingy, seeming to have just reached that age where’s he’s regularly concerned we’re going to leave him behind, so he makes a big noise everytime one of us leaves the room. That ranges from “Daddy, are you up there!” when I leave the room and go upstairs, to screaming hysterically when one of us goes for a walk. I’m a bit worried what will happen when I go back to work …

Anyway, it’s all joyously normal stuff, and I look forward to more of nearly all of it 🙂

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