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Fog, holidays and pondering the future

What a day … the strangest fog first thing in the morning. Tom and his family had to go home early, so everyone ended up at the crack of dawn after Millie got up at 5am! The fog was really heavy, and it didn’t look like we’d do anything much, but by lunch time it had cleared really nicely, so we went to the beach in the afternoon this time.

Trying to write something as well, but not really getting that far. I have a new idea that I’m thinking about and putting down a few notes on, but it really needs some work. And I do worry about the committment level here, that I just jump from one project to the next, constantly planning a project until it doesn’t seem tenable, then moving on to something else that does seem doable (and later changing my mind).

Same thing goes for business — it’s so abundantly clear to me now that your own business is the only real route to both serious success, as well as happiness and fulfillment. Sure, it’s obviously risky (but less so if you start smart, with low capital and working on the side until it’s succeeding), but it seems like the only really serious way to spend your time. Not working for someone else forever, but doing your own thing.

But what to do? I wonder sometimes if I’m focused enough there … I suppose it’s true to say that I don’t even know the absolutely best way to decide what idea is best to pursue. And because the committment required here is even bigger than just writing something, it makes the decision even harder.

And there’s the “get out of Sydney” aspect. We’re really thinking about making a move out at some time … maybe sooner, maybe later, but it’s not hard to see it as the way to go. And spending a few days where we are now … well, the Port Stephens area seems like a real possibility, but you have to work on a business that serves all areas, not just the area you’re in.

If anyone I know reads this, of course I’m happy to be starting a new job in a couple of weeks, and it excites the hell out of me for all sorts of reasons, but it’s hard to see it as a really long term thing (years and years …) I’m talking about really long term stuff here, not just the next year or two.

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