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Being a kid again

An overcast day today, but with a house full of kids we went to the beach anyway. The little one, Dutchies — a perfect kids beach really. And while the water was so-so, it was a great morning anyway.

Seeing the four of them, with a collective age of 10 (that’s 4,3,2 and 1) probably did remind me of youthful holiday fun, except of course that all my cousins and brother are roughly my age so I don’t remember playing with little kids except when I was a kid myself.

But it was all so much fun … and really simple stuff. Building sandcastles and knocking them down and running in an out of the water and lots of yelling and laughter … that’s the good stuff.

They basically ran themselves ragged in the long run, then Will and Alex slept for half the afternoon, then did it all again for half the night. We all went out to dinner at Aussie Bobs, the big local fish and chip shop, for a real Aussie Easter dinner. I’m sure there was some holiday surcharge there because it cost way more than I thought it should, but it was good, and it was fun.

This is what most holidays will be like now, and it is good 🙂

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