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Review: Ratatouille or Cooking is fun for everyone

Finally watching Ratatouille tonight, probably the last chance I had to watch anything up for Oscars before Monday. And it was as good as I expected, sometimes better, but really a unique film.

I think that one of the most amazing things about Pixar overall is the way they’re able to make every single movie they do so completely unlike all the others before it. They use different animation styles, different storytelling techniques and different kinds of stories overall. You would not think for instance that The Incredibles and Ratatouille were directed by the same guy, but they were. The differences are more impressive considering how all the films are inhouse productions with many of the same crew, so they must all push each other to be different and unique.

And the fact that Pixar movies can be enjoyed by three year olds as much as any adult is also a wonder — especially when I see it first hand. Will has been wanting to see it for months now ever since we got him the picture book for Christmas to go with the rest of his Pixar collection, so he walked down to Video Ezy with me. Apart from the dog scare halfway there, it was a great father-son walk — need to do it more often 🙂

As a movie, really fun, with a good heart. A nice message about creativity and personal fulfillment, which I could really identify with. Definitely one of Pixar’s “grownup movies that kids can enjoy” (like The Incredibles) rather than “kids movie that grownups can enjoy” (like Monsters, Toy Story and Nemo). It’s only a perception issue really, but again it just contributes to Pixar’s incredible variety.

Favourite of them all? Probably The Incredibles still, but I would place Ratatouille second now.

And it really captured the food well. Some amazing chase sequences (that early scene with the rats-eye view of a busy kitchen was magnificent), and great visual styling. The credits were another work of art completely separate from the movie, and the extra short film “Get to know your rat” was one of the best extras Pixar has included yet.

Voice work was good — Patton Oswalt is excellent and engaging as Remy, and everyone else works convincingly in the French setting, despite all being American or British. Perennial Pixar favourite John Ratzenberger was in there, though I didn’t spot him at all, so even he changed his voice well.

There really isn’t a production house that does their movies as consistently brilliant as Pixar. Expect them to win at least one Oscar on Monday for animated feature, and maybe more depending on how things go.

And they’ll deserve every single one they get!

Bring on Wall-E. Think that might be Will’s first ever movie trip 🙂

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