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It’s a political stunt, but a damn clever one

Nice move from the Labor government today — a stunt, but a damn good one — that shows both their humility and desire to change, while highlighting the power-mad idiocy of the previous government:

I have too much power: Immigration Minister

Immigration Minister Chris Evans has ordered a review of his role, saying he feels the position has too much power.

Senator Evans has told a Parliamentary Committee there was a substantial increase in ministerial powers under the previous federal government and has commissioned a report into how that could be changed.

It’s a nice reversal of how you’d usually term this sort of thing, and it works perfectly, It will get the headlines, show your qualities, and show the previous government’s negatives (on the day of Mister 9% Nelson!)

The comments under this ABC story are funny too — most people get it, even begrudgingly, but there’s still a few Liberal Party stooges that think they should be believed on everything and are still arguing like it’s 2004. I really want to slip them some very unkind words, but I think the deafening silence to their rubbish does the job for me.

Well played Labor, well played …

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