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Dumbest lawsuit EVER

This story caught my eye because it’s about Google, but man, the stupidity and ignorance of some people is astounding …

Real estate agents launch defamation action against Google

Two Victorian real estate agents have launched a defamation action against the search engine company Google.

Counsel for agents Mark Forytarz and Paul Castran of Castran Gilbert, appeared in the Supreme Court today for a directions hearing, alleging their clients have been defamed by articles found via Google searches.

That’s right! They’re not suing Google because of something Google did, they’re suing Google because another site had an article about them they didn’t like, and Google wouldn’t remove the link! Apart from the sheer idiocy of this, and Google’s complete lack of obligation to remove links they don’t like, these people have defeated their own purpose already.

By committing to such a stupid lawsuit, and getting all the attendant (bad) publicity, it now takes just seconds to find out what they’re suing over!

Go here — this is the article, at Melbourne Indymedia, and author Richard Jenman’s Web site also. I mean, did these two get sued as well? Not that they deserve it, but they must have been targets.

Do you hear that Mark Forytarz and Paul Castran? That is the sound of the world world laughing at you. You two are complete and utter fools, because now I know what you did, and can tell the whole world, and so can everyone else. If you had left this alone, who would notice?

Now I think I see what is happening — they are essentially suing over Google’s algorithm. Because so many other people have linked to these jokers names to expose them, the Google algorithm has placed these articles highly. It’s so funny they can’t seen the problem here — now stories about this case will put their names at the top of Google for all the wrong reasons, again!

I’d like to see this case go to trial, please. SHould be good for a laugh.


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 11, 2008

    Also BoingBoing has picked up on this: trying to sweep this under the carpet has ended up upsetting the applecart… Think is is called the Barbara Streisand effect?

    boing boing article

  2. Stephen
    Stephen February 12, 2008

    And to be completely honest, I actually sent the link to Boing Boing 🙂

    It seemed like something they’d be interested in, and I was right …

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