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Been way to long… again!

Well, as usual it’s been a little too long between posts. I’ve had a holiday, come back to work, and seen William seeming grow up a whole lot more – he crawls like a madman now, gets into everything, and delights in being able to stand himself up with ease now. He doesn’t walk yet, but it won’t be long!

Lots of stuff in the news… none of it particularly good of course. Right now I’ve been looking at a lot of news out of the New Orleans area. Scary stuff, and it’s not really the disaster itself that did it. BoingBoing, Ellis and no doubt a whole bunch of others have pointed out this guys website:

He runs a datacentre in a New Orleans high rise, and has been camped out with his workmates since things began. With a generator and supplies, they haven’t left, but have a webcam and a constant blog on what’s been happening there. And it isn’t good.

For anyone that doubts the severity of what’s happened, check out these before and after satellite shots:

Sleep now. I want to post my review of the magnificent Sin City that a saw in the last few weeks, and get some more pictures of William and family life onto Flickr šŸ™‚

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