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Made-up words in The Simpsons

It’s been far, far too long, I know…

I love this one. The magnificent Wikipedia has a new reference, listing all the made-up words that have been used in The Simpsons. My personal favourite (one that I used for years, *then* realised that I’d pulled from the Simpsons):


A curse term used by space aliens Kang and Kodos in episode “Treehouse of Horror VI.” This one is not made up on The Simpsons. It is a reference to Mork and Mindy where it was originally used by Mork (played by Robin Williams) for the same effect. Also referenced in the video game Starsiege Tribes for identical effect.

So naturally, it didn’t come from The Simpsons either 🙂

There’s more cromulent goodness in the link…

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