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The disconcerting calm of holidays…

Well I suppose the heading makes it sound like a bad thing… it’s not of course, but it’s different.

Am on holidays for the next two weeks. Some time at home, and some (not sure how much), time in the country visiting family. And it’s odd to suddenly be out of the daily work routine, not that I don’t appreciate the change, but it’s something to get used to in an odd, though of course mostly welcoming way.

The little man is growing in leaps and bounds of course, which will make my time off interesting. He’s now crawling quite successfully, albeit in his own very unique crab-like way, and he even makes a pretty good fist of standing up when he has something to hold on to. He’s getting into everything now – which can be tiring, but is still quite funny. I get the feeling that the most trying time will be when he can get around as much as he likes and grab everything, but isn’t quite old enough to understand from us exactly what he should and shouldn’t do. That would be now of course 🙂

I took the most adorable pic of him on my camera phone a few days ago… and I might even be able to post it soon if I buy the right link cable thing finally. Certain to be more pics to put on Flickr next week, after we’re back from our little family trip. Such fun 🙂

And I’m going into town tomorrow to see Neil Gaiman tomorrow. He hits Sydney for an appearance and signing, and since I’m a big fan of his books now, and I’ve read his online diary for nearly five years, there’s no way I will miss this event. Sure to have some pictures from this as well.

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